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Single Item Inspections

Many times our clients have growing concerns about individual systems in their house, such as the roof condition, the foundation that may be developing a crack, cracks that are starting in walls or ceiling, water getting into the basement, or any number of problems that could arise.  We offer evaluation of those systems separate from a whole home inspection, at a reduced cost, and can put your mind at ease or explain the causal factors of the problem and how to rectify the situation.


For example:  Water Intrusion into a basement can cause a host of problems, as illustrated below. And having a french drain system installed into your basement would probably not repair half of the problems water intrusion causes. French drain systems do not reduce the humidity caused by water intrusion and if you ever wish to finish off your basement into living space would potentially allow mold to grow behind the walls.  Evaluating why the water is running down the foundation walls from outside your home is, usually, the best course of action.  And only after all potential problems have been rectified outside your home should you consider you r last resort of a french drain system.  And repairing the causal factors outside the home is, usually, far cheaper than having a french drain system installed.

Hidden water damage
Water is a powerful force. Any doubt of this fact can be erased by a simple visit to the Grand Canyon. And while your home is in no danger of becoming one of the Seven Wonders of the World, water can wreak havoc on a much smaller scale.  

Water damage can come from several sources: floods, burst pipes, leaky roofs, poor grading, leaking gutters, damaged downspouts, lack of downspout extensions, seepage, etc. Many types are obvious, as is the damage caused by them. But even if you can’t see the damage right away, a slow flow of water can often be worse than obvious leaks. Left untreated, it can cause:  

  • Pipe corrosion

  • Foundation damage

  • Foul odors

  • Mold  

Repairing hidden water damage can be an even greater challenge. Depending upon the source of the damage, it may or may not be covered by homeowner’s insurance. In the case of mold, getting rid of the problem may be a monumental undertaking.  

How can you protect yourself from this menace? A professional inspection can help. Using advanced moisture detection devices, coupled with years of experience, we can often detect water damage long before it becomes a problem.

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